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Tigran "Tig" Manukyan, digitally known as Tmotionz is a CG Artist and 2D Animator generalist.
His work is mainly focused on Motion Graphics, 3D illustrations, 2D explainers, and 3D animations, FX and complex simulations.
He worked with famous brands like Coca-Cola, Givenchy, LVMH, Looksrare, Pancakeswap, WPT, GUCCI, IKEA.

Currently accepting freelance opportunities. Feel free to email me or schedule a meeting.

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Tools | Pipeline
Houdini, After Effects, Cinema 4D(TurbulenceFD, X-Particles, Octane, Redshift, Corona), PFtrack, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro

Featured | Awards
2020 Graphic Design Trends
NFT Black Lemon
Plus Paper
Featured on Behance
Motion Graphics of Behance
3D Motion of Behance
After Effects of Behance
Photoshop of Behance

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